If there are any additional extras that are not listed that you would like to include feel free to contact us and we will work with you to make this happen! Keep an eye on our extras page as there is always more to come.

Pamper Pack


Pamper packs contain various items such as face mask, emery board, nail polish, hair accessory, toe separators, nail stickers (based on stock and availability).

Pamper Robes

From $20

Add an extra bit of WOW to your sleepover with our Robes. These can be customized with your ideas!


Face Masks


Fun and fancy , grab a face mask for your party.

T-Swift Swag Box


T-Swift Swag Box contain various items such as heart shaped sunglasses, T-Swift stickers, Swiftie beaded bracelet, hair accessory & candy lipstick (based on stock and availability).

Pillow & Case


Why not add something extra special for your guests, or something for the party host? Pillowcase and Pillow with design in the middle.


Snack Pack


Snack pack for movie night sleepover or just because. Complete with popcorn, mini can of pop (or juice box) and box of candy.

Candy Cones


Candy candy everywhere.

Sock box


Grab some socks and keep those toes warm and cozy. Comes with 2 pairs of socks. Additional socks are $5 per pair.

Personalized 11oz Mug

  • Colour Handle $15
  • White Handle $13

A personalized mug designed to match your theme. Other sizes available, please enquire.

Star Wars


Your Star Wars sleepover is not complete unless your Jedi has a Light Sabre, a pair of Star Wars Socks and a Candy Cone

Drop Box


Drop Box filled with loot to tie in with your theme. Items such as theme related socks, stickers, mini can of pop and other goodies (based on stock and availability).

Harry Potter


Create Magic with these glasses and a wand or pencil broom.

Deena Laura Cakery Co

Deena Laura Cakery Co

Contact Us for Price

Unique letter/number cakes & decorated delights for special occasions. Creations are dressed to impress made just for you.

cereal boxes

Cereal Boxes

$3 each

Mini cereal boxes with colour coordinated spoons to match your theme.

among us plush toy

Among Us 30cm.


These are the larger 30cm Among Us toys. Almost a foot tall! Also available as a seperate purchase for $25

mermaid mugs

Mermaid Mugs

Sale $5

Beautifully styled mermaid mugs in blue or pink. A great reminder of a fantastic sleepover.




Get your personalized letter from Santa or the Elves .

Reindeer Hot Chocolate


Who can resist these Reindeer hot chocolate? PS they pair perfectly with a Personalized mug!